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What Causes Low Testosterone?

What causes Low Testosterone?

The causes of low testosterone are many. Somewhere between the ages of 25-30, your body begins to produce less Testosterone than it did up until then.  Month by month, year by year after that point, your rate of Testosterone production continually decreases.  This is an actual medical condition, an accepted diagnosis in the medical world for many decades.  The obviously discernable result is a multiple manifestation encompassing everything from your energy levels to the condition of your heart, from your sexual abilities to your emotional stability, from your ability to think clearly and quickly to your gaining of unwanted weight.  Yes, Low Testosterone Levels will steal away the best of you.  Low Testosterone Levels will either directly or indirectly affect every system in your body.

TRT Miami’s purpose in packing these pages with as much readily absorbable information as possible is to make you completely aware of the undisputed fact that Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a simple, easily administered treatment that will have you feeling healthy and whole once again.  TRT Miami Clinic will also be providing information concerning HGH, or Growth Hormone Therapy, if needed in your particular case in conjunction with your Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is your most important hormone.  It is also important to note that your Testosterone Levels do not decline because you are getting older, your body ages as a direct result of your Testosterone Levels declining.  You’re discovering that your negative moods, as depression, are increasing, you’re experiencing frequent erectile dysfunction, memory loss, slower thought process, irregular sleep, all symptoms that TRT Miami Clinic has well detailed on these pages.  And, there are the signs of Low Testosterone Levels, as opposed to the symptoms; signs are those effects that can be measured and quantified physically.  These signs include bone density loss, weight fluctuations, cholesterol levels, anemia, and the like.

When evaluating all the symptoms and signs, we find that while some are really just nuances that can become aggravating, some can be outright dangerous.  Also, potentially hazardous are the symptoms and signs of low HGH levels.  This is taken into account during TRT Miami Clinic’s accurate analysis of your body’s precise needs.

Benefits of Treatment for Low Testosterone in Men

The list of benefits from the administration of doctor prescribed and supervised Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a quite extensive one, including the restoration of your libido and the resulting, obvious increase of your overall performance and stamina.  This will automatically lead to overt improvements in your emotional and mental well-being.  These resulting gains will lead to the quick wits and sharper mind so important in all your endeavors from bedroom to boardroom.  For those of you who qualify by the results of your blood test and medical evaluations by TRT Miami’s highly trained and skilled physicians, adding HGH injections to your Testosterone Replacement regimen will magnify your positive results and benefits.

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

Somewhere between 18 and 21 years of age, your Testosterone Level should be between 800 and 1100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl).  This is level that provides you with the mental and physical energy that keeps you on top of your game.  It adds lean muscle instead of fat to a high revving metabolism, and a sustained sexual drive, and it makes you feel great, even overflowing with real self-esteem.  Unfortunately, past the age of 25, all your hormone levels will begin to decline.  Some of you may be feeling severe symptoms and signs of low Testosterone Levels as early as 35.  And your Testosterone Levels will continue to weaken further as you continue to age.  By the time your Testosterone Level declines to a level of 300 to 600 ng/dl, you will be feeling years older than necessary.  Now is the time to start down the path of restoration by starting today with your TRT Miami Clinic blood test.

Natural Treatments for Low Testosterone

Natural treatments for low Testosterone Levels such as specific activities, vitamins, and diets are effective for some but, by having such a gradual effect, take a long time to show even slight results.  The beauty of TRT Miami’s doctor recommended Testosterone Replacement Therapy is that the results are immediate and very obvious.  After one of our experienced Hormone Replacement Therapy doctors has carefully evaluated your blood work, your specifically assigned clinical advisor will clearly explain the various specific activities, vitamins, and diets that you may or may not chose to use to augment your TRT Miami Clinic’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  In addition to the Testosterone Replacement, your TRT Miami doctor may prescribe HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), as well as HGH (human growth hormones) and/or clomophine citrate, and HGH peptides, all to accelerate your Testosterone Replacement injections effects and the quickness of your restoration back to your full potential.  Plus, all of this will encourage your endocrine system to increase its own production of Testosterone.

Test for Low Testosterone

Your blood work analysis by your TRT Miami doctor is the very first step, for it will determine your Testosterone Levels.  From there, your TRT Miami doctor will pinpoint whether you have some unrelated underlying condition or you are a true candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which will be recommended at that time.  As we have been discussing, the myriad benefits of this therapy will be a delightful, great health value, quite possibly the best you will ever experience.  And, your personal, TRT Miami advisor will always be quickly available to monitor your progress and evaluate changes, all while answering your questions with factual, relevant, informative discussion, thus ensuring your maximum benefit and safety as you are utilizing Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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