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Approved guidelines for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Endocrine Society Guidelines for TRT:


American Urological Association Guidelines for TRT: 


At TRT Miami, we are very transparent and enjoy showing our patients all the latest research and information for TRT.  For many years testosterone has had a negative reputation and stigma due to it’s abuse by people doing it on their own.  Remember, TRT is legal and monitored by physicians.


Other Testosterone Topics

Testosterone for Women

Although women only produce and need 1/40th  to 1/60th  of the Testosterone that men do; nonetheless, maintaining their Testosterone Levels is equally important and beneficial to them for many similar reasons:  improved focus and energy, fat reduction with increased strength, emotional stability, and improved sexual drive and enjoyment.

What are the Reasons for Low Testosterone Levels?

As we age, our hormone levels change and our bodies weaken.  You, and everyone else, and every other living thing, shares this universal dilemma.  And the buildup of toxins due to lifestyle and environment play their role in your diminishment be they drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, inappropriate diet, industrial waste and pollutants, and others.  Sometimes malfunctioning or damaged pituitary or hypothalamus glands, or even the testicles, or in the case of women, the ovaries, can be a contributing factor.  Many prescription, or even non-prescription medications, can also be contributing causes of Low Testosterone Levels.  Whatever the causes may be in your particular case, your TRT Miami Testosterone Therapy Specialist has the answers for you.  For more information, and to get you on the road to real recovery quickly, call us at 954 512-8572 today.

Risks of Testosterone Therapy

The only risk to you is your self-prescribing yourself with Testosterone illegally gotten on the black market.  Working with experienced, specialist physicians, like those at TRT Miami, will make your risk negligible, near nonexistent.  TRT Miami’s doctors will carefully analyze your medical history and your blood work to pinpoint your exact needs accurately so that there will be virtually no medical risk to you.  The risk is your self-administering illegally acquired Testosterone, the dangers to you being:

  1. Properly administered, your Testosterone Replacement Therapy will include the monitoring of your blood work, thereby eliminating risk. Black market Testosterone, besides being illegal, a fact that could very stressfully cause you the loss of a lot of time and money, can easily be ineffective or even dangerous to use.


  1. TRT Miami’s doctors will prescribe the precise dosage for your needs and maximum effectiveness. How will you determine your dosage when buying black market Testosterone from unregulated websites or on the streets?  TRT Miami’s medical doctors will prescribe the precise dosage for your needs and its maximum effectiveness based on their specialized education, long-term experience, and examination of your medical history, blood test, and body size.


  1. Is the black market really a cheaper, easier route to take? Your best-case scenario in the streets is that whatever you purchase, or think you are purchasing, is not potent enough to work effectively for you.  Your worst-case scenario in the streets will be infections, serious sickness, even death caused by unknown, dangerous contaminants and/or fillers.

The high trained and experienced specialists at TRT Miami will only prescribe the highest quality and most thoroughly tested Testosterone medically available.

What is the Ideal Testosterone Dosage?

Overdosing, even just overindulging, on anything, including something seemingly as innocuous as water, is harmful to the point of even becoming dangerous; therefore, beware of Testosterone clinics that offer extremely large dosages to gain your business.  And, an excessively high

dosage can backfire into being as worthless as the low dosages sold by street-corner vendors. TRT Miami’s highly trained medical specialists are experts in the field of Testosterone deficiencies and creating the correct replacement therapies for each individual, including you. After carefully analyzing your medical history, your blood test, your personal goals, and other important factors, TRT Miami’s medical doctors will custom tailor an exact dosage with matching protocol specifically for you, while continually monitoring your progress for your maximum safety and results.

Can Foods Increase Testosterone?

In a direct sense, no.  The mineral zinc, along with vitamin B, is, however, required for your body’s production of Testosterone.  Some folks believe that eating foods rich in zinc and vitamin B will have some minimal, positive effect.  Reality is that effective elevation of your Low Testosterone Levels in only possible with quality Hormone Replacement Therapy as provided by TRT Miami.  Foods that provide zinc and vitamin B, although ineffective in actuality, can still be of benefit to ones overall health while thwarting hunger and being quite tasty:




—Brown Rice



—Raw Oysters

Bon Appétit!!!

When can I start Testosterone Treatment?

Starting your Testosterone Replacement Therapy now will increase your Testosterone levels almost immediately and within a few months you will be feeling and functioning as you did in your youth.  Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner!  Fill out our online form on this, the TRT Miami Clinic website, or call us at 954 512-8572 today to get started!

Comparison of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Applications

In the following four, short sections, you will be able to compare applications; i.e., Testosterone injections, creams, gels, sprays, and pills.

Testosterone Shots/Injections

The real way to go.  Obviously Extremely Effective.  Safe, easy to administer.  TRT Miami highly recommends surface muscle injections.  Those who opt for different methods of administrating their Testosterone are invariably disappointed at the time it takes to actually feel the effects, if any.  TRT Miami prescribes only the highest quality, pharmaceutically pure, replacement therapy Testosterone for your usual weekly, or bi-weekly, simple injections.

Testosterone Cream

Best if applied directly to the scrotum every day.  Forget a day and it becomes ineffective. Another problem is children who, if they find and get into it, may be affected by its mechanism of transference.  And although almost as good as injections, they are not as good.  Nonetheless, in special situations, TRT Miami will prescribe high-quality Testosterone cream.

Testosterone Gel

More annoying than Testosterone cream because, being of lower concentration, it needs to be slathered on a significantly-sized swath of skin, usually the shoulders, arms, chest, and back.  An additional irritation factor is that unlike the creams, the gel’s alcohol base creates an unpleasant burning sensation if applied to the scrotum, where it would have been most easily absorbed.

Testosterone Pills and Testosterone Sprays

TRT Miami seriously recommends the avoidance of all Testosterone pills and sprays.  Why? Simple.  They don’t work.  Your money is thrown away and Testosterone Replacement Therapy’s good name and reputation is tainted.  TRT Miami’s sole mission to have you experience and feel the age-defying, life-changing benefits of real, Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  TRT Miami Clinic whole heartily stands behind Testosterone Replacement Therapy utilizing Testosterone injections according to the regimen custom-tailored to your needs.  For any questions concerning these options, just call 954-512-8572 and speak with one of TRT Miami’s Testosterone Therapy doctors or counselors.

How often will I have to take Testosterone Injections?

That will be determined after TRT Miami’s medical specialist’s thorough analysis of your medical history, blood sample, and your personal goals.  In the seeking of the most advantageous effectiveness, the cycle is usually one injection each week.

Testosterone Therapy Cost

An important aspect of the total picture, your cost will be determined by your particular needs. Factors will include your prescribed regimen as determined by the analysis of your medical history, blood sample, body size, and personal goals.  Also factored in will be the number of office visits and telemedicine conferences.  Feel free to call 954 512-8572; speak with one of TRT Miami’s medical experts, at no obligation to you, and get more extensive insights into what might be your regimen.  Call and all questions will be answered with insight and accuracy.  TRT Miami’s sole mission to have you experience and feel your youthful drive, outlook, energy, appearance, and libido once again!


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