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What is TRT?

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Beyond the age of thirty, our bodies’ production of hormones begins to drop of substantially, aiding and abetting our bodies aging.  At the beginning of our thirties, our testosterone levels will be diminishing by 1% per annum.  By the time we are approaching our forties, our output of testosterone will have plummeted 10% or more.  Testosterone Replacement Therapy restores your testosterone levels to where they should be, and were, so that you can:

—feel and function as a younger you

—build muscle easily and efficiently while shedding fat

—fully recover and enhance your sexual performance

—be happier as the fully focused, energized you

You will find that Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a total game changer.  For further reading and in-depth study, you may want to review the latest reports and physician’s guidelines as presented by the Endocrine Society and the American Urological Association.  They are easily available right here:

Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT Miami Clinic’s approach to custom regimens, one specifically tailored to you after careful analysis of your blood work by our staff of highly specialized medical practitioners, will:

Recover and Promote Muscle Growth Quickly – lean, hard muscles result from increased Testosterone levels.

Eliminate Fat Testosterone Replacement Therapy increases metabolism.  You’ll love watching that hanging belly disappear.

Brighter, More Positive Outlook – Low Testosterone levels are one of the leading causes of depression, which is vastly diminished as a natural result of your therapy.  This is in addition to the sharpening of your memory, focus, and overall vitality.

Renew Strength, Stamina, and Energy – push oncoming fatigue back to where it was in your youth, be in charge, be young again.

Counteract Hair Loss – some of our clients, much to their great joy, have actually experience hair regrowth.

Keep the Home Fire Burning With Renewed Sexual Vigor – a greatly celebrated aspect of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the rebirth of your sexual power.

Is Testosterone Therapy safe?

Despite the sensationalism of the media ever seeking to sell more news, all research and the ever growing, long established list of clients and licensed medical clinics specializing in Testosterone Replacement, like TRT Miami, affirm a real “Yes” to that most often asked question – Is Testosterone Therapy safe?  Skeptics say that it all sounds too good to be true, but those who avail themselves our service quite quickly and clearly find out that it is true and it is good.  Keep in mind, that the hormones received during treatment are precise copies of your naturally produced Testosterone; they are, in medical terminology, bio-identical.  All medicants in your regimen, from easy to administer intramuscular injections to the accompanying pills and capsules are neither unnatural nor shocking to your system.

Yes, Testosterone Therapy is completely safe when the lab work has been properly analyzed and your particular regimen has been approved by your assigned physician, who will also be monitoring your progress.

Can Testosterone Therapy Promote Youth and Vitality?

Advertisements blare out “Youth, Vitality” as key words in the selling of many products, including Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  The vast majority of these youth and vitality claims are very loosely based on reality, if at all.  Testosterone Replacement is a total, simple, obvious reality.  The facts are basic.  The hormone, Testosterone affects a multitude of your biological systems and their ability to function effectively.  You are aging and your Testosterone Levels are declining.  If you’re approaching 30, this is a fact, and the decline accelerates as you continue to age.  TRT Miami, after careful evaluation, restores your Testosterone Levels to those of your early twenties.  Yes, “Youth, Vitality” are real results produced by Testosterone Replacement Therapy, along with sparking and maintaining your sexual drive and functionality, while increasing muscle mass in the process of burning off fat. It’s restoration based on actual, basic reality.

Is it Possible to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Normal, aging people do not normally experience increasing Testosterone Levels.  However, the Testosterone you will be receiving through TRT Miami is such a precise, bio-identical duplicate that you will be experiencing increasing Testosterone Levels naturally.  TRT Miami Clinic’s Testosterone Therapy is safe, effectively life changing, and natural.

Does Testosterone Therapy Hurt?

The injections that you will be self-administrating at home, thereby saving time and costs of doctor visits, are little more than skin pricks.  You will only be injecting surface muscle.  By following TRT Miami’s guidelines – as in using your skin area on your buttocks and thighs because those areas are the least sensitive to miniscule pain, and remembering to rub the injected area to disperse the injected fluids, which also prevent any minor, later ache – you will soon find it to be a quick, easy process.  Although you may be a little shy of the procedure the first time, it soon grows into mere routine.  Keep in mind that the mere instant of a mosquito bite is providing happiness that can last a lifetime!

Are There Any Testosterone Injection Side Effects?

A simple intramuscular injection has no side effects and is far safer than injections to the blood vesicular system, which are never used for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  To prevent a mild muscle ache after your injection, just rub the skin well, which will also properly disperse your just administered Testosterone.

Who Might Benefit from Testosterone Therapy?

Over the age of thirty?  You will notice immediate benefits from Testosterone Therapy.  Far past thirty?  It is never too late to start reaping the quick, obvious benefits.  TRT Miami’s doctors, highly trained, experienced, endocrine system specialists, will carefully analyze your blood work for both your Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels to work out a custom program of Testosterone Therapy and/or HGH Peptide Therapy tailored precisely for you.

Am I a Candidate for Testosterone Therapy?

After your 30th  year, it is very likely that your Testosterone Levels are definitely in decline.  But only a blood test evaluated by a specialist medical doctor will provide surety while pinpointing the precise amount of your loss.  As you age, your Testosterone Level deficiency will be subtle at first, but will soon become ever more apparent.  The primary culprit is the irreversible, and unfortunate, progression of aging.  However, relish and enjoy the fact that low Testosterone Levels are very easy to treat.  If you are beginning to notice any one or more of the symptoms listed below, you are a prime candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

—Diminished sexual desire and performance

—Erectile Dysfunction

—Building fat while suffering a reduction of strength and muscle mass

—Thinning and lost hair

—Energy Loss

—Reduced Motivation

—Memory Loss

—Problems Sleeping

—Mental Depression and irritability


Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Do You Need It?

Of the many millions of men suffering the effects of low Testosterone Levels, many do not have a clue as to the cause of what is happening to them.  If you are suffering from one or more of the symptoms herein discussed, call TRT Miami, or fill out TRT Miami’s online form. Our specialty trained, experienced Testosterone Replacement Therapy doctors will, through careful analysis of your blood work, explain your exact situation and its ramifications.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

As a developing child, your testes began producing the growth and sex hormone Testosterone.  Then you were stricken with a sore throat that went away in a week and left you with a man’s voice.  Then muscle development became obvious while your face and carriage became more masculine and you became aware that your now larger penis began having erections.  You realized that you were becoming a young man.  This is Testosterone at work – for you!  But then you grow older and your body’s ability to produce Testosterone plummets. Through Testosterone Replacement Therapy, your correct Testosterone Levels will be providing the following benefits:

—Physical and Mental Energy with sustained bursts of real Vigor

—Balanced Metabolism

—Fat utilization instead of it collecting into visible mass

—Bone Strengthening

—Strong, high-quality Red Blood Cell Creation

—Reduced Risk of Heart Attack, lower blood pressure

—Good Health, For Real!

—Healthy, viable Sperm Production

—Fully Functioning Sex Drive and Performance

You will be achieving these benefits by bringing your Testosterone up to optimal levels through Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which will include pills, capsules, and self-administered under-the-skin (subcutaneous) injections of an exact duplication of the hormone Testosterone, which your body will immediately accept as your own, natural Testosterone.

Is Testosterone Therapy for “Male Menopause” Safe?

Andropause, or male menopause in the common lexicon, is often caused by a decrease in your body’s Testosterone production.  One of the effects is depression.  Over 20 years of major clinical studies in more than 60 countries has concluded that Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective way to deal with andropause because the Testosterone injections that you will be administering to yourself are exact replicas of the Testosterone that your body produces.

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