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How Do I Know If I have Low Testosterone?

Even if you think you may have a low testosterone level because of signs and symptoms, you can only be sure with a physical evaluation and blood test administered by a doctor that is trained in low testosterone treatment. You should never assume that you have low testosterone even if you display symptoms that may indicate that you do pay attention to the symptoms of low testosterone which you are experiencing. While some symptoms and signs of low testosterone may seem to be merely an inconvenience, others are truly serious, debilitating and life threatening.

What is the best treatment for increasing my sex drive?

When you have low sex drive or if it is completely nonexistent, it is probably due to low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy will help you regain your sex drive safely, without fear of negative side effects. Testosterone therapy will not only increase your desire for sex but will also give you more energy. A prescription for testosterone therapy injections, however, is only issued for patients that have a low testosterone level based on health examinations and tests.

Where can I find local testosterone clinics for my husband?

Start by contacting our local testosterone clinics at the number shown on this page or by simply completing the form at the top of this page. Our clinical specialist will be sure to provide all the details of low testosterone therapy and schedule a blood test and physical exam with a local doctor who prescribes injectable testosterone therapy. We often suggest that women get tested as well. Chances are, if your husband has low hormone levels, then you probably do, too.

What causes men to have low testosterone levels?

Typically low testosterone occurs as you get older, with the level of decline varying on an individual basis. Once you reach your mid-twenties to thirties, your testosterone decreases and continues to do so little by little each year. Lifestyle factors can also contribute to low testosterone. If you are conscious about your diet and try to have minimal stress, this can help to prevent your testosterone from lowering rapidly. Once you have reached your mid-thirties, it is a good idea to consult the doctors at our local testosterone clinics to have your blood test and physical. Low testosterone levels are nothing to take lightly as they can cause very severe problems.

Can testosterone replacement therapy help me lose weight?

Having adequate testosterone levels in your body promotes overall health and wellness by encouraging your body to lose weight naturally. It is well known that a lot of people who are overweight also have low levels of testosterone. By increasing your testosterone, your body will have more energy to be more active, and your body will respond by toning itself. Normal testosterone levels helps to improve metabolism, muscle development, and mental acuity.

I want to make sure I get testosterone injections legally. How can I be sure that I connect with one of the best testosterone clinics?

Acquiring doctor-prescribed testosterone injections from legal testosterone clinics is important, not just in matters of law, but for your own safety and well being. Only people who are determined to have low testosterone, through blood tests and evaluations, will be prescribed low testosterone injection treatment. TRT Miami has the best testosterone clinics to evaluate your hormone levels and provide testosterone injections from legally authorized and supervised pharmacies in the US.

Where can I find Testosterone Clinics I my local area?

The simplest way to find testosterone clinics near you is to fill out the form at the top of this page. A clinical specialist will review your information and inform you of the testosterone clinics that are closest to you and schedule you for a blood test and physical exam. All of our testosterone doctors here at TRT Miami are trained in testosterone replacement therapy.

Is it safe to use low testosterone therapy with HGH treatment?

Qualifying for each of these treatments requires a thorough physical evaluation including blood tests. If you have low testosterone and also have need of Hormone Replacement Therapy due to low IGF-1 levels, your doctor may prescribe both treatments simultaneously. These medications will offer tremendous results when taken at the same time, and they provide a wonderful synergistic effect. The combination of HGH (or HGH peptides) injection treatment and low testosterone therapy will provide benefits far beyond those of either program by itself.

Do women need testosterone?

Both women and men need a balance of hormones in order to live a healthful life. Women need testosterone in their bodies to regulate and stimulate bodily functions. When there is an imbalance of hormones like estrogen and testosterone, the body begins to respond differently, sometimes causing menopausal symptoms in women. Women should be tested just like men, with a blood test and physical exam, to determine if they have low hormone levels.  Injectable testosterone is not prescribed for women, however, as they are usually prescribed a cream or gel with testosterone or a blend of hormones.

Is there an age limit for testosterone injections?

Low testosterone is something that starts to happen in your late twenties to early thirties and continues as you get older. When determining if testosterone injections are safe for patients, many aspects are considered. Your blood work, medical history, age, and physical health exam are just a few of the factors that the doctor will consider before qualifying you for treatment. There is no upper age limit because it all depends on your personal situation.

Where can I find a testosterone clinic and get a prescription for testosterone injections?

All you need to do is call our number or submit a completed contact form located on this page. After doing so, one of our clinical specialists will give you a call to provide step-by-step instructions informing you of the procedures to take to determine if you have low testosterone levels. If you do have low testosterone, you will be able to get a prescription for testosterone injections from our local doctors who prescribe testosterone replacement therapy.

How do I know if I need Testosterone Therapy?

If you pay attention to how you’ve been feeling, you probably have a few symptoms that your family doctor and your friends just pass off as being signs of getting older. Please be aware that you do not have to live like this. You can take control and make some positive changes. To determine if you need testosterone therapy, start by entering your contact information on this page. A clinical specialist can make an appointment for you to have blood work done along with a physical exam. After that, our local doctor will let you know if testosterone therapy is something you should consider.

Will testosterone therapy lower my sperm count?

The body is very sensitive and can detect new sources of testosterone easily. When you use testosterone injections to increase testosterone levels, your testes pick up on it and reduce the amount of sperm they produce. TRT Miami offers post therapy for testosterone treatment that includes medications that encourage natural testosterone production which improves your sperm count.

Is it okay for body builders to get testosterone injections?

TRT Miami does not work with body builders, professional athletes or anyone seeking cosmetic enhancement at all because their need for testosterone is purely for aesthetic reasons. Building muscle mass is not an adequate reason to receive testosterone therapy and is not an FDA-approved use for this prescription medication. Only people with proven testosterone deficiencies require testosterone therapy. Our local doctors do prescribe testosterone injections for those who wish to restore lost or depleted muscle mass and who have a verified low testosterone level.

I have always been afraid of getting shots. Do these injections hurt?

There is no need to fear when administering testosterone injections. Although they are intra-muscular, the discomfort is minimal if you follow the instructions from your clinical specialist. There is also a video that you can watch to learn about how you should administer the shot. If you need more assistance for your first time, your clinical specialist will even guide you through the steps to help you feel more comfortable.

Menopause is really destroying my life. What can testosterone do to help me?

We suggest that you get your hormone levels tested to see where you have deficiencies. Increasing testosterone levels can help you feel more balanced. After our local doctor evaluates your blood work and finds out your testosterone level, along with the other vital hormones for a woman, a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy (by cream or gel) will be given to you if your levels are low. Our local doctor may prescribe a testosterone blend with the other hormones, if needed. With this prescription to increase testosterone, your levels will become balanced, eliminating those menopausal symptoms that you are experiencing.

Is the testosterone that is sold on the internet safe?

Whenever you see testosterone being sold on the internet without the evaluation of a doctor and a prescription, you need to stop in your tracks. This is not only illegal, but it is also a huge health risk. Testosterone replacement therapy should only be administered after a full medical evaluation and blood tests which determine that you have low testosterone levels. You should also be certain that any medications you receive are from an FDA regulated pharmacy within the United States.

Where can I find the best testosterone clinic and get injectable testosterone treatment?

In your twenties, your body naturally produces a sufficient amount of hormones including testosterone. People begin to decrease in testosterone production at different times in their life but normally in their early thirties. To be sure, you should consult with one of our clinical specialists so that you can be sure that testosterone therapy is right for you. The best testosterone clinic and the best testosterone doctors can be found right here at TRT Miami … and we’re not just saying that!

I have been losing weight recently, but I still have some stubborn fat that won’t go away. Can your local testosterone clinic help me finish losing weight?

Being at a healthy weight is a major component of living a fit lifestyle. Our local Testosterone clinic will help you trim fat by testing your hormone levels and, if necessary, prescribing injectable testosterone therapy and allowing you to have more energy and increased metabolism. Testosterone injections are only prescribed to those who have low testosterone, not just for the purpose of losing weight. Low testosterone levels may be what are causing you to accumulate fat. With a simple blood test and evaluation of your medical history, your doctor will be able to determine if you have low testosterone.

Can testosterone help me with menopause symptoms?

If you have low T levels based on a blood test, physical examination and an evaluation of your medical history, you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy. This can dramatically decrease your menopause-related symptoms, like night sweats and hot flashes. When you increase testosterone levels dramatically, you will find many of your menopause symptoms falling away.

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